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About Us

The Full Story

Welcome to Creative Lens Photo Booth, where we Rogers & Erica are on a mission to turn events into unforgettable stories through the lens of creativity.

Our Journey

Our story is deeply personal. Three years ago we renewed our wedding vows with close family & friends.  What made that celebration truly special? A photobooth. We found ourselves relishing every snapshot, capturing the joy and love that surrounded us. It was then that the idea sparked - why not share this joy with others? And so, Creative Lens Photo Booth was born.

What Sets Us Apart

"Frame the Fun, Freeze the Moments" is not just a tagline; it's a commitment born out of love for capturing life's beautiful moments. Our creative lenses go beyond the ordinary, inspired by our own journey of freezing time and celebrating love.

Let's Create Together

Ready to frame the fun and freeze the moments? Connect with us, Rogers and Erica, to bring the magic of our Creative Lens Photo Booth to your next event. Let's embark on a journey where every photo is a chapter, and every event becomes a cherished memory.


Rogers & Erica

Frame the Fun, Freeze the Moments

Are you ready for the Ultimate Photo Booth Experience?  Email us at or click "Book a Booth"to fill out the inquiry form.

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